2:01 am, May 23, 2015

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  • still working because
    deployed decoy
    I get paid over $40/Hr and $1000 tax free allowances every PP on top for coming to work on time. Since I have been labeled as a trouble maker, they dont give me any work or so much allow me to perform rudimentary stuff I am very good at. I asked, no begged for more projects over the last year. I have just stopped looking for stuff to do now. I do skip lunch so the phone gets answered for that hour while the war ends and everyone else leaves the office. But heck, three other feds have been kicked out of my office and replaced by contractors or feds that keep quitting before they even report here. Beats living off 20% of my income waiting on OPM to figure out my retirement package.
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  • yep...still working too
    Rock Man
    Can't seem to envision myself living off of what my annuity estimate said that I would receive monthly. Guess I will hang in there till at least 62... about 4 more years, and then see what happens. Retirees might be getting COLA's, but I've got a job and a paycheck, and I can continue to tolerate my management until then. In fact, I just also might stick around to be a pain in their aunt minnie.
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  • Mike you missed a Headline Story
    deployed decoy
    Ya I know the Secret Service and the President do not really float to the top of US Govt business. Or for that matter the definition of working women in Columbia. What a headline story this could have been today. But this thing in Columbia is the epitome of what is wrong in the America in general and the Government specifically. GSA is a drop in the bucket compared to the Billions it costs to fly and land Air Force One (AF1). I believe we can safely assume the military and SS that got busted last weekend were airport and surface route security, secure communications and EOD, add few other complex job PDs here. To say for these 15 people an estimated $20,000 a day in labor, OT, travel and miscellaneous expenses would be rounding down. To say the USA lost control of the local airport that AF1 was inbound to a very real threat to the POTUS. I remember once an EOD guy telling me he had detail once to sweep a Western Europe airport before AF1 was due. He went on to tell me about the full body cavity search the airport security chief gave him, after he got his airport back (the POTUS back at 36,000 feet) when the EOD guy wanted to fly home. So I believe it is safe to assume the USA did not have people in the tower as plan A may have included, did not have the entire surface route surveillance under the original plan, security and a whole bunch more stuff that put the fate of the entire planet in the hands of a couple unpaid working women and several real stupid advance party, drunk and hung over Americans. I should also note that DOD long ago made it a UCMJ violation to solicit prostitutes, even in places where it is legal, not that the UCMJ applies to the Commander in Chief or Secret Service of course.
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  • what?
    were you there? do you have a primary source? that's a lot of speculation based on the fact that some men got prostitutes. I think the larger theme here is that Fed employees are under siege and transgressions like this and GSA just provide fuel for the fire. all Feds will pay for this with less pay, less resources, and more accountability that will prevent hard working people from doing their jobs and keep allowing slackers to be slackers.
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  • Drunk SS
    deployed decoy
    Well we can safely assume those SS folks were not in Columbia for an awards conference. What their job was we will never know. Leave out the women (paid for or just picked up with a smile in the hotel bar and knowing what the mans job was) and remember these guys were drinking, a lot by most reports. I would think the SS on a foreign mission never goes off the clock... But again who had eyes on the airport and say some bad guy in a dirt hole a quarter mile off the end of the runway number lettering with an RPG... Maybe the good thing of this SS fiasco will be congress terminate that agency also, like they may do to GSA. The White House could then contract out to private industry to protect the POTUS. Might even get mostly English speaking Americans for the job. But given the Prime could sub it out to say India maybe not.
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  • Retirement dates
    Only there for 150 more days; Goodbye Fed employment and hello contractor position! Thanks for all the training! You need my services alot more than I need you!
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