12:42 pm, May 30, 2015

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  • Prosecute them all
    Radar Tech
    We lowly workers are in year 2 of a pay freeze. The entire compensation system for the federal workers has been redesigned and downgraded. We have had to scrimp and make due for spare parts to keep the National Airspace System running...and these folks party away nearly a million dollars in Vegas. Make them pay back every dime and prosecute the decision makers and put them behind bars where they belong. If it turns out not to technically be criminal, then fire them all for conduct detrimental to the agency and malfeasance in office. The average American lumps us all together as the "greedy lazy federal workers". There is no distinction in their minds. These idiots have painted a bull's eye on all of our backs.
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  • Prosecute
    You cannot hit everyone of them because some may have beeb "forced" to participate. make the decision makers pay back the entire cost and prosecute them. Force them to cover the debt through TSP funds and pension funds. And then, if laws were violated, prosecute them.
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  • An agency had the management that leadership promotes
    An agency had the management that leadership promotes. This just happens to be the kind of people that seeme to be making it into management positions over this last decade. Competency and qualifications seem to take a second seat to ambition and high hopes.
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