10:14 pm, May 25, 2015

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  • Forget the ladies
    deployed decoy
    These guys were drunk on duty. Course this assumes the SS is on duty 24x7 while overseas protecting the President. Forget about the women for a minute and look at the bigger picture here. The real threat to the free world had the POTUS been killed due to the failure of the Defence Dept and SS.
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  • Forget the spin...
    Big Joe
    Except the President wasn't in the country..... Except no one is on duty 24x7..... Except this was an advanced team with nothing to do until the President arrived in country,,, Except that this was acceptable behavior that was allowed in the past (note Buenos Aires with President Clinton).... What DHS and the SS is most upset about is that this is no longer whispered about in the hallways but is on every news program and every paper....
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  • Clintons White House
    deployed decoy
    Joe, You gotta remember the game they were playing in the Clinton White House, was 'swollow the leader'. If they only would have played by the rules. No DNA on a blue dress, no crime. And, I would hazard to guess the SS were on 24x7 recall status. They did this for me for a wild fire netwrok in the 90s, somehow I assume the president outside the country a tad bit more important. No (excessive) drinking for the eight 10 hour days I was on hot shift, because I had to be able to get back to the computer room in less than 2 hours. As for nothing to do. Just who did sweep the route for things that go boom in the daylight, or secure the emergency route out, secure the airport, any number of things the SS does outside the USA.
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  • Prostitution Scandal
    Kenny Ray
    Kinda reminds me of the sixties and the cold war. I remember reading stories of American employees with high security access being compromised because they couldn't keep their pants zipped. Difference was back then the scandals had some class. The women were usually very sophisticated and there was usually at least the illusion of romance. Today they just bring a bunch of hoes (had to drop the W and the R to get past the censor) into their hotel rooms, no spellbinding story there. By the way, I wouldn't be too confident the SS "lucked out" this time. We have no way of knowing what compromises may have been made.
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  • agree
    deployed decoy
    Well except for a former president, anyone else would have lost nuclear authority in the old days for lying about an affair outside marriage, forget the fact of the affair itself. Congress, university professors and Hollywood have all combined to lower the bar when it comes to morals and laws. Also I am from IDaHo, please dont lump me in with those fools.
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  • Columbian hookers and the H.M.S. Titanic
    Norman's Mother
    Why are Columbian hookers like the Titanic? Because they both have double-hull bottoms.
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  • You forgot
    deployed decoy
    This was also the reason all the SS have stated they used nuclear hardened 'steel' reinforced condoms, thus there was no illicit activity because unlike a former president and a blue dress, there was no DNA passed between them.
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  • Secret Service scandal PROBE!
    The Original Joe S
    Haven't there been enough PROBES already?
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  • White House "volunteer" and the Columbian sexual Olympics
    It is indeed quite possible that the unnamed, presumably male volunteer was inncoent of any inappropriate behavior, while his Secret Service and military compatriots were cavorting with the friendly Cartagena ladies of the evening. The problem is that it's impossible to reach a conclusion one way or another when all that we have to go on is the White House's say-so that they looked into the allegation and found it baseless, which, again, it many well have been. The issue is one of credibility. The adminsitration is obviously and highly concerned to make all this go away and has every incentive to arrive at the conclusion announced. As no disinterested investigator has reviewed the evidence, the cloud of suspicion remains of a cover-up/white-wash. This is unfair both to the volunteer, if indeed innocent, and to the general public which has a right to have the air cleared on this entire mess. It may be too much to hope for this to happen in the midst of a heated election campaign, but the issue needs to be brought to closure one way or another.
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