8:09 pm, May 25, 2015

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  • who guards the guards
    My guess is the guards.They say if your don't blow the whistle your breaking the law ,they say its illegal to retaliate against an employee for whistle blowing ,and that its a protected class as for reprisal based on age over 40 .I have direct evidence signed round dated ,statement on my letter of fire,she sent to me ,former P M R on 90 day probation she hired me,harassed me ,created a hostile work environment,lied to unemployment and then food stamp office about me being employed there ,intentionally causing great financial and emotional devastation .causing .She was my Officer in Charge /Supervisor ,that runs her personal business from he U S P O that's a federal offence ,its also a federal offence to steal mail ,delay mail,through it away .and on and on ......I thought I was was filing my formal with E E O C but no I find now I have o file my formal with the PO ,there were 2 of us at that office. now there's one .Their lawyer tried to get me to voluntarily resign,saying she could try to convince H R to chane my fired paper . H ha ha ha and she said I was dumb? I
    Jessene Beecroft-Banks
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  • Could the White House's SAVE award...
    Tom McKinney
    be expanded from a program for only Active Federal Employees to an additional program for Retired Federal Employees? The definition of SAVE is: Securing America's Value and Efficiency award. Tom McKinney, Dunwoody, Georgia
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  • Retired reporting?
    That is nice, but if you are retired you do not know, first hand, what is going on. You can report the item when you are retired, but it might be stale. the idea sounds good, but has problems.
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  • The guard changed
    deployed decoy
    I could rant for pages on stuff I have saw the Army do in the last 10 years. The only one worth repeating here was removing the federal employee from COR duties and replacing him with a contractor from the US who then snuck into Europe through France to avoid paying German income tax. Back in the day with another agency. We had teams dispatched all over the country on a moments notice. I was on my way back from the Oregon Westside one September. Watching the local news in my hotel room in Portland that last night, I saw that tribal natives were selling wild steelhead on the hoof for $3 a pound in Cascade Locks. So the next morning knowing it is a federal offence for us non natives to catch a wild steelhead (for those of you that don’t know it is a seagoing trout much like a salmon but does this trip every year and tastes a lot better than salmon). I called the office and asked who and how many people around the shop might like one or more fish. I cleaned out a large fiberglass transport box in my truck, paid $40 of my own money for ice and loaded it with around 150 pounds of fish. The boss took two when I got back... Two weeks later the same boss read me the riot act for using Govt equipment to transport fish... I didnt make a cent on this, lost money on the ice. We were all under standing orders to bring back real Basque sausage from a small Basque settlement in NE Oregon and I forget the name of the BarBQ sauce from a non franchise place in Phoenix... The problem I ran into was apparently someone heard about the fish, were ticked they didnt get one and complained that I had driven all of 3 miles off my intended path to pick them up. If all the worlds problems were so trivial.
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  • The Guard Changed
    Flag, love of country - those are the wrong reasons to join the Army or work for them. The right reasons - be a PR person and a syncophant for those above you to ensure they move along at least every two years with a bigger and better promotion. Never mind the details now, or doing the right thing.
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  • How to really punish those GSA & SS troublemakers
    Take away their stock options. That's right no Facebook type IPO loot for them. No Google or Apple stock options. No Wal-Mart stock. Take Their $12,000 UAW bonuses too. Oh wait, govt emps don't get those things! I guess it's back to public humiliation. What's next tar and feathers?
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  • Just Try Guarding the Guards....
    30 year fed
    There is certainly no lack of serially wassteful and/or stupid spending at USDA--and this is stunningly tragic. USDA is as cash-strapped as I can ever recall, yet we have employees from all parts of the nation on long-term details to DC, costing several thousand dollars each week. At the same time, there are plenty of talented employees currently at HQ that could take on this work--but no deal. This is only one minor thing--there are so many other wasteful practices, it boggles the mind. Does one dare to say anything? Not a chance--your career will not only be ended, but any future prospects will be foreclosed. There are annuls full of the former right-minded whistleblowers that stand as an example. It's the same as destroying yourself--not a good idea in this economy.
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