4:07 am, May 26, 2015

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  • Roth TSP Rollout
    Why am I not surprised that DOI will be ready to go with the new TSP Roth IRA - when most of the rest of the federal payroll systems will not!
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  • Interior
    deployed decoy
    I assume DOI is Interior. And I agree with you. I worked for Interior for 10+ years. They had it together. Had calculators in the early 1990s that would figure the pay back for any Post 56 active duty time. They never missed it once for anyone I knew when it came to a personnel action. Army on the other hand still does not have an accurate calculator for post 56 buy back, not a sole in HR can tell a vet even what it is 90% of the time, or for that matter Army HR has screwed up just about every SF50 they have issued me. They destroyed formal conditions of employment and refused to honor them, they refused to cut my family travel orders out of Europe back to the USA when I came to the ME, they have refused to release formal studies they produced that show the air in Kuwait exceeds all military annual exposed for stuff that kills people, need I go on. I am sure not surprised they missed the Roth deadline.
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