1:30 pm, May 25, 2015

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  • Issa wastes tons of government money
    His incessant demands for information is absurd. Every day, massive, inane requests. It never ends. Something wrong with that dude.
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  • Wouldn't it be nice to see the Congressman's expenses
    If Congress wants to curb wasteful spending they should start with their own House. Anyone who's been through the Senate/Congressional Offices has notice that they have their own catering service - there's always food and alcohol flowing at some random event. Staffers don't ever have to buy food - they just jump in the ongoing free buffet line.
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  • This should be interesting
    I hate to break it to him, but agencies are not going to be able to comply with his request. Agencies have not been required in the past to track the cost of staff who plan such events, so how will they be able to give him a report? And when an agency holds a conference how are they supposed to know how much is spent on travel to get to the conference? At best they might be able to track the expenses for their own employees, but not for everybody else in the Government who attends. In the end, this will be a joke of a hearing, with unwarranted claimes of stonewalling, and some stupid rules will be put in place that will screw the vast majority of us in the federal government who hold and attend legitimate rationale conferences for training purposes.
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  • GSA funds scandal...
    ..was a fantastic windfall to the likes of Issa. The leadership of GSA scum that misappropriated money (allegedly) have a lot to answer for beyond their own immediate misdeeds. Their activities give massive ammunition to the likes of Issa to stand up and say we need to investigate wasteful spending government employees. True, there has been and there probably is money spent improperly. But this serves as a massive convenient distraction to the real problems of reducing the deficit; namely, Medicare, Medicaid and Defense spending. At least Paul Ryan actually puts forward a proposal to reduce (gut) Medicare spending. Issa on the other hand, will use this scandal as a another means to pretend the deficit can be affected by freezing federal workers' pay and reducing their benefits. It is unlikely that Martha Johnson and her cronies will ever face criminal charges or be forced to pay fines. She and the other higher-ups who were fired, will find nice, well-paid private-sector positions, while the rest of the federal workforce suffers from the fall-out of her alleged activities at GSA.
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  • Investigate The Waste at the USDA
    Investigate the waste of these conferences at the Natural Resources Conservation Service, touted as "training conferences" but nothing more than rub a dub pow wows for all employees except white people: American Indian/Alaskan Native Association for NRCS Asian Pacific Islander Organization National Organization of Professional Black NRCS Employees National Organization of Professional Hispanic NRCS Employees
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