3:15 pm, May 29, 2015

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  • Everyone Else Suffers While GSA Parties
    Radar Tech
    We are in year 2 of a pay freeze and having to husband resources and put off making purchases for spare parts...and these...these people are flagrantly wasting government money and resources with nonsense. Furthermore, they are hurting the prestige and image of the entire federal government. I hope that their employment is terminated.
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  • This is endemic to most large organizations (public and private)
    This is the herd mentality. "Senior" leaders make it known that "dissention" is not tolerated and the expectation is to get along. This silent message moves down the food chain from Political SES to careerist SES to GS-15 to 14, etc... I have no doubt that good, hardworking, knowledgeable GSA employees saw, knew, and were appalled at what was going on. However, if they want to keep their jobs, they duck and cover. As we in government have a special duty to spend the public's money wisely, it becomes even more imperative that whistleblower protections are needed and should be strengthened. Anonymous hotlines and more independent IG's are required. This type of petty corruption and attitudes are not the sole territory of Democrat or Republican, but of a system not held accountable.
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