4:28 am, May 28, 2015

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  • GSA program funnels millions to 15 vendors
    GSA has been implementing a new procurement policy that favors two large contractors and 13 small ones while causing massive layoffs and business closures at hundreds of other small businesses throughout country. GSA is receiving a kickback of a 2% fee of all the money they funnel to these few contractors. In the last two years, GSA received a kickback of $9,463,066 from these 15 contractors on total sales of $473,153,324.00! Plus GSA is rewarding contractors that are known to be cheating the system. Even after the whistle has been blown, GSA Officials continue the let the contractors reap the rewards of the privilege to work with the government instead of cutting them off. So yes besides the wasteful spending, there is fraud and mismanagement going on. Mr. Issa please get to the bottom of this. Thank you
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