10:20 am, May 26, 2015

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    Just like nearly everything that the federal agencies get involved in... there is always serious flaws, abuse and some very evil folks among the decision-maker ranks. You have many many people placed into management positions who view thier program as if they were ruling a kingdom instead of serving as a public representative. And this goes to ALL agencies. This example... it took this lady perhaps many thousands of legal fee dollars and a court action to get their attention. AND not one person who made any decision is accountable. Congress MUST act and establish stricter mandates on federal managers immediately. They must be held PERSONALLY accountable to their decisions and quit hiding behind agency attorneys who are staffed for free (to the management). We need true honest patriotic level-headed managers in our govt... not all the favortism, nepotism, cronyism that is a cancer throughout the agencies!
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