5:21 pm, May 22, 2015

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  • GSA Thank you article
    GSA HQ being located in Foggy Bottom may help explain the "terminal dumbs" displayed collectively by GSA senior management - both political and career types - in the course of the train wreck caused by that never-to-be-forgotten 2010 conference in Vegas. It's just something of a miasma that lingers there, I guess, from the old days when it was a malarial swamp by the Potomac. How else could such stellar (?) management have acted - or failed to act - so egregiously. If some of the proposed significant changes to the Federal compensation and retirement systems actually make into signed legislation, all Feds should then thank (?) GSA for its contribution to this outcome.
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  • My 10 secrets to save money
    deployed decoy
    1: Go for the wallet after the other guy does when the lunch bill arrives. 2: In restaurants you know you will never go back to, leave a (half) fist full of change for the tip. 3: Buy 17 inch CRT TVs, these are really cheap these days. 4: Use the federal cheese program to get a hundred pounds of curds. 5: Find 160 acres in any national forest with a hard rock mineral, file a mining claim, put $100 of improvements on the land and move in while you extract a few pound of pumice to sell to a popular jean manufacture. 6: Golf on the median strip of freeways (it is generally easier because of fewer trees and curves) except the screeching of rubber while you play one off the lane divider strip. 7: Get elected to public office use the fact finding dinners and perks as you feel you can get away with. 8: Stay in a no name motel while on the road that is half the federal Per Diem rate, but does not offer free food and drinks at happy hour (only do this if you are on your own dime). 9: Work as a federal employee in Kuwait, this offers free lodging and if you just flash your ID, free lunch. 10: Attend GSA conferences for free food and gifts, they wont know if you are part of it or not, just say you are from the Washington office, if cornered.
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  • Golf on the freeway? Now that's a hazard.
    Plus no tees or greens. You get what you pay for. BTW, If we do lunch, I'll buy just don't order the lobster please.
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  • And the Fraud, Waste, and Abuse Awards goes to.....
    When I first heard that the GSA conference included a Clown, a Comedian, and a Psychic, I thought they were referring to GSA's upper management who approved this trainwreck. Next time, before spending $800K in Vegas, (that's over $2,600 per attendee) ask the psychic if anything bad could happen.
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  • GSA
    Today's news reported GSA had another Vegas conference scheduled for April 25,2012.That has now been cancelled.And several GSA employees were given $1,000 cash awards for coordinating the infamous 2010 Vegas conference.How stupid can these GSA execs/managers/employees be?The final straw on today's GSA news was the then GSA administrator did not attend the infamous 2010 conference because she was in a meeting at Solyndra.But she video conferenced into Vegas at a cost of $3500.
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