8:58 am, May 28, 2015

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  • Really!
    Hasn't any one seen the movie the body shatchers? The "Pods" take over replacing humans one at a time and continue the lives of the replaced human as zombies more or less with better skin tone. After they reache a majority of the population they rat out and mob anyone they detect as still human. This could be like that. Track down criminals. Track down rude people. Track down people who don't believe in global warming. Track down people who don't support the current regime. Track down the christians. Track down YOU!
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  • Osama bin Laden
    After this exercise it is hard to believe that Osama bin Laden had been alive for 10 years and had to be turned in by a relative. Actually it makes one tend to believe he may have been dead for ten years already.
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  • State Department Networking Test
    Was this done to test for foreign operations or as an experiment for the fall campaign?
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  • Social Network Tracking Game
    This is diabolically brilliant. I wish I had come up with that one. This takes 'Amber Alert' to a whole new level. Cudos to the mad scientist(s) that came up with this game. I haven't seen this kind of creatively wicked enginuity since the 'Deck of Death,' that was also remarkably successful. You guys are something else.
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