5:09 am, May 30, 2015

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  • taxpayer swag
    deployed decoy
    As I remember either FNR or OPM (maybe both) posted the Presidents memo on cost reductions last year. That memo restricted swag. So I offer this. Place every GSA supervisor that had anything to do with the current mess on LWOP until everything is paid for plus interest. If they resign, seize the last couple pay checks and annual leave, or bring the IRS in to seize any tax refund in the future. While we are at it, lets do the same thing with congress that cannot pass a budget or deficit reduction plan. Congress is just eating this up since it delects the mess on a few feds instead of themselves. $15,000,000,000,000.00 and counting congress. GSAs $900k not even a rounding error.
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  • Follow Up
    deployed decoy
    Apparently my 1st comment was tied to this, was to a different GSA story headline. But to add to the current story. Most federal jobs I see on USAJOBS in Hawaii do NOT pay for the move. In these vacancy announcements it states 'paid move is NOT in the best interest of the US Govt', presumably because of a candidate pool on the island that is fully qualified. Unless a person is on a Mobility Agreement, RIF or other mandatory agency move, I have not saw the home sale/purchase incentive used in almost 25 years. The reason? People who take a new job, do so as a promotion or personal decisions, not to sell their current home. As for the week GSA hung around HI for a ribbon cutting thing. The JTR does allow for rest days for international travel, not that my current agency follows that section of the JTR. Hawaii is international travel as loosely defined in the JTR/CFR also Comp Time for travel can add up to most of 3 days going to HI. When I worked for USDI we had a 2-week mission in HI every year. The two folks that walked out of the dispatch room still standing got that trip. It included a rest day both directions and paid OT or CT for travel. The crews then took said 2 rest days at the end of the project, generally Thru and Fri the 2nd week. Then because it was less expensive to fly back to Boise on a Monday they hung around for the weekend. As long and the lodging for Sat and Sun was less than the savings on the air travel, they also got the hotel paid for over the weekend... Not validating what GSA did, but if the whole picture is looked at the week on the island could be justified. Well maybe not for an hour ribbon cutting thing instead of doing real work that was reimbursed by an external agency as we were at BLM.
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  • No Gov agency should
    "The employee said that perks for those transferring included: house hunting, temporary quarters that at times was extended to 90 days, groceries, laundry, shipping a vehicle and household goods, paying the closing costs on a new home, and buying the former house if the employee can't sell it." DEA does this too. I wonder how many others do it
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  • Mandatory Reading
    deployed decoy
    There is an editorial, The Most Outrageous Clowns Are in Congress, in todays Stars and Strips by Margaret Carlson originally in Bloomberg News. Every American should be required to read (and understand) this story. One quote I love from this: '...15 employees of the Bureau of Prisons flying to Hawaii for a seminal on how Congress works. Apparently an 11 block field trip for some hands on research in the House and Senate buildings would have been too tedious.'
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  • Congress - its funny
    Rick L
    Congress is on a 'witch-hunt' in order to make a weak statement and cover-up their incompetence. A few leaders at GSA may have made some ill-advised decisions, but some of the activities quoted in the media recently is not out of the ordinary for many agencies. And Congress of all people need to get their own house in order before trying to discredit a great agency like GSA or others. How soon we forget that (Congress) house lawmakers spent an average of $2,000 per member on bottled water not so long ago. This totaled to almost 1 million dollars - ON BOTTLED WATER: yet they want to accuse others.... What a joke!! "Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2011/02/09/house-urged-cut-bottled-water-tab-nears-million/#ixzz1rub0nZ3s"
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