5:47 am, May 24, 2015

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  • Hubris is always a bad idea if you are seeking clemency
    Just me
    I think that this song demonstrates that the rot is so pervasive, in some parts of GSA, that they not only think this kind of thing is acceptable, they believe it to be funny. It also indicates that the knowledge, of what was being done with taxpayer money, was fairly widespread...and was acceptable to many in that region. I suggest this to be so simply because the video publicizes one of the violations that the IG discovered.
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  • This is not just at GSA people
    This is common in a lot of agencies, and the only reason people are "shocked" or "surprised" is because they are unaware of this. For someone from the inside, this is old news, same old. Lavish spending, wasteful spending has been common for many many years.
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  • And this is not new, employees provided this feedback on the idea scale site...
    Federal employees were requested to provide ideas/suggestions on how to save tax payer money. I am curious to learn that hardly anyone has read the suggestions that were provided: http://saveaward2011.ideascale.com The prior suggestions can still be read today. GSA employees in previous years and during the last idea scale drive, provided suggestions to scale back the travel and conference funds (amongst many other ideas). Other federal employees have expressed the same sentiments from other federal agencies. I am bewildered as to why this is big news.
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  • Those suggestions
    Sam B
    I assure you, those suggestions have been read numerous times. No one will take them seriously because 98% of them are bats*** crazy. Hosting a celebrity telethon to raise money to pay down the debt? Set a minimum number of minutes that have to be used on a government cell phone to justify that person having a cell phone (because I'm sure that won't lead to any type of abuse or fraud)?
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  • Truth-
    Yes I agree, perhaps most suggestions are not adoptable as written.There are many legitimates that point out deficiencies or issues that should be addressed. There are others that can be defined into more accurate actions to address what the "less intelectualy able" individuals can provide in their "bat*** crazy" suggestions. Although someone may not be able to articulate a solution that is viable, that individual may have perceived a deficiency that ought to be addressed.
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