11:29 am, May 23, 2015

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  • RHIP
    deployed decoy
    Rank Has Its Privileges. Nothing new to DoD. I am just going to take a WAG (Wild *$$ Guess), that the SECDEF has a home in the DC area that HE pays for. Another WAG is that home qualifies under the IRS as a tax deduction and very likely has at least one bed and bath room. So my thought is why the wife and kids do not come visit on some weekends. Sure must be nice to commute by Lear Jet to DC like many elected folks do. Also need to ask someone who else is flying Space A on that aircraft. Only difference is elected folks only work generally Tuesday through Thursday. That brings me to the next thought. Unless the SECDEF takes off after duty on Friday and returns to DC before duty on Monday, he would be traveling on my tax payer funded time and attendance. Scheduling say a visit to Edwards AFB on a Friday may on the surface look like he is on business in CA that day. Another thought that every taxpaying American should ask themselves is if he manipulates his schedule so on the surface that flight is work related when it really was a way just to make it look like work. My gosh dude, stay home and retire if you need to go to California every weekend. Let someone that cares get on Air Force One with the President when we go to DEFCON 5 on a Sunday, Saturday or that all important Friday when every terrorist now knows you are out of the pocket as they say, and we can assume once again as they say a soft target.
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  • Panetta regrets expense of weekend trips home???
    I'm a current DoD / Federal employee facing a pay cut in the form of increased pension payments and reduced benefits. As an Army retiree I'm also looking at an increase of $2000.00 a year in TRICARE premiums, (not to mention additional out of pocket expenses). So I'm supposed to feel better about these austerity measures since the SECDEF "regrets" the expense of weekend trips home!?! The hypocrisy of this is mind boggling. We've watched a parade of politicians and senior leaders testify that the only way for the DoD to fix the budget is to heap more costs on those that serve and have served.
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