3:14 pm, May 29, 2015

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  • Why is this so shocking? It's hipocritical...
    I am totally bewildered as to why this is surprising. This is not new people, it has been happening for years. Oversight is very few and far between. Spending regulations have been loose for years. Investigations come and go but once the administration changes, things go back to what they used to be. Federal employees provided feedback on the spending (from GSA and from other agencies), during the white house sponsored idea scale website. Federal employees were requested to provide ideas/suggestions on how to save tax payer money. I am curious to learn that hardly anyone has read the suggestions that were provided: http://saveaward2011.ideascale.com The prior suggestions can still be read today. GSA employees in previous years and during the last idea scale drive, provided suggestions to scale back the travel and conference funds (amongst many other ideas).
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  • It is all too easy to ascribe it to one administration or the other
    While this "conference" was clearly excessive, and there is no doubt substantial waste in the masive Federal bureaucracy, it is all too easy to ascribe it to one administration or the other. In addition (and I am not an apologist), while government operations are often slow and inefficient, and sometimes wasteful, there is only a small percentage of that waste manifest in the form of large boondoggles or other forms of self-indulgence. In fact, most waste is the result of bureaucratic inertia and inefficiency, not employee self-indulgence or greed. This incident is very unfortunate as it makes it all to easy for those who assume, and assert, that government employees are all, or mostly, dumb, lazy or venal. Lastly, one would be hard put to find an expert in management or organizational behavior who doesn't believe that some degree of employee interaction and gathering is not important - minus commemorative coins and pricey sushi, of course.
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