12:58 pm, May 23, 2015

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  • I just dont agree
    deployed decoy
    The US military has now exceeded Canada as the highest paid military in the world. A married (implies the spouse needs a job) military SSG (E6) with housing allowance and food allowance (both tax free) with base salary added in earns about GS11 salary these days. The tax free housing money used to make the house payment (purchased with a zero down VA loan that the seller ate 2 or 3 point selling) double downs as a IRS home loan deduction at the end of the year. Better than that, cant sell the house you bought when you knew you would only be in Boise a year. You get your money back due to the hardship sales program. Federally subsidized food, child care, resort hotels all add to just some of the bennies military receive. The child care so much more important when the spouse uses Military Spouse Preference for a GS14 job, or needs to go on extended leave to care for Billy with the Chicken Pox while asking for annual leave donations, six months after priority higher. Or as they do in Europe and let MSP take a day off duty every month and just put on the time card they were in the office that federal duty day, but official military training holiday. Don’t get me wrong, I am not totally against MSP. But, as noted MSP goes all the way to GS15 priority highering that can only be trumped by a 30%+ disabled veteran. If spouse employment is so darn important, why is VRA limited to GS11 and can only be used once. When is that investment property (er home) going to become US federal property since my tax money paid for it. Not a sole forced anyone in to the military, the days of the judge telling someone to join the military or go to jail are long gone. Salaries in the military rival any real job in the US Govt, in many cases military pay is better than say a GS6 fire fighter that does not see her house 6 months a year. Get real people, suck it up and learn to live within your means, not using that COLA in Germany to make most of two 5 Series BMW payments. Or start offering spouse priority to every federal law enforcement and fire fighter on the payroll.
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