2:10 am, May 27, 2015

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  • The save award website set up to provide tax payer savings reflected this years back
    Federal employees were requested to provide ideas/suggestions on how to save tax payer money. I am curious to learn that hardly anyone has read the suggestions that were provided: http://saveaward2011.ideascale.com The prior suggestions can still be read today. GSA employees in previous years and during the last idea scale drive, provided suggestions to scale back the travel and conference funds (amongst many other ideas).
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  • GSA firings
    Not mentioned in the article is that GSA regional commissioners are political appointees, many of whom are ill-equipped to run their organizations, instead being given these plum jobs as payoffs for political support/donations. Both political parties have long made use of these positions as rewards for such support (akin to the use from time immemorial of high prestige ambassadorial appointments for political supporters). It's lomg past time to consider filling such key positions with seasoned career civil service appointees; maybe then the poor decisions reflected in this sorry episode may be avoided.
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  • Why surprising?
    Why is this shocking? Perhaps because it is in the public eye but this is not new or unique to GSA. If you think that is the case then you need to be educated and aware that fiscal management responsibility is not on the agenda of most managers. "Saving tax payer funding" is never the priority. The blame ought not to be placed on federal employees because many have been speaking out for decades (yes people this has been the case for decades), but because we are having debt and fiscal problems it is now finally out on the spotlight. Most recently federal employees provided feedback to the White House (as requested), on how to save tax payer money. GSA employees in particular (amongst hundredths of others from other federal agencies), provided feedback that spending cuts were necessary and long overdue. Did anyone listen? no, why? Because it takes legislation, regulations to change what actually takes place at federal agencies. It's not public outcry, incidents of excessive spending or fraud, it is legislation. Actual changes that mandate reductions, policy and oversight. http://saveaward2011.ideascale.com This website was provided to send out feedback regarding where we can save tax payers $$. Does anything change? Very little, no one really cares. Our individual voices only go so far. We have provided feedback (as an example), on how travel costs can be reduced by 1/4 or less. A ticket for a Federal Employee within the U.S. can cost $2,000.00 (purchased well in advance), while the same ticket can cost as little as $200 going outside the system. We have to purchase furniture, equipment, etc through approved contractors (fraud), prices are therefore much higher than market, no competition. An office can be furnished by $500 if purchased through bargain shops however since we are limited to contractors, we spend $4,000 or more. The bottom line? LEGISLATION, REGULATION, OVERSIGHT
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  • Bullcrap!
    This is BS! This conference has been held since 1996. It was held during the time Jim was Administrator. Overreaction continues. The White House fired Johnson and Peck for their $800,000 expenditure so that they could claim to the electorate how on top of matters the Democrats are with regard to waste and mismanagement, totally deflecting attention away from the TRILLIONS misspent by this and the previous administration.
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