5:48 am, May 26, 2015

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  • Federal Employees provided ideas on cost savings through the White House save award site
    Federal employees were requested to provide ideas/suggestions on how to save tax payer money. I am curious to learn that hardly anyone has read the suggestions that were provided: http://saveaward2011.ideascale.com The prior suggestions can still be read today. GSA employees in previous years and during the last idea scale drive, provided suggestions to scale back the travel and conference funds (amongst many other ideas).
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  • GSA Still Does Good Work
    You can tell this is more politically motivated than anything. With all the good work GSA has done, it's a shame the focus is on the wrong doing of a one group of people. There's alot of good stories to be told about the work GSA does. It's to bad no one will listen now.
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  • GSA Scandal - Scott Armey
    Scott Armey! Are you kidding? Scott was a GSA Regional Administrator under Bush and behind the scenes of the fleecing of Indian Tribes by Abramoff and company. Also, Scott's travel would be an embarassment if ever seen in the light of day. On second thoght maybe he is an "expert" on abusing taxpayer $.
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