7:54 am, May 24, 2015

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  • History repeats
    Back in the 1990's federal agencies were called out for holding conferences and meetings at posh resorts, such as resorts in West Virginia and Maryland near DC. Everyone got the message and all employees, including upper management, were trained on procurement and ethics to prevent future problems. In these days of austere budgets, looks like GSA could use refresher training.
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  • GSA Employees provided early warnings/feedback to White House Idea Scale
    Federal employees were requested to provide ideas/suggestions on how to save tax payer money. I am curious to learn that hardly anyone has read the suggestions that were provided: http://saveaward2011.ideascale.com The prior suggestions can still be read today. GSA employees in previous years and during the last idea scale drive, provided suggestions to scale back the travel and conference funds (amongst many other ideas).
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