3:43 am, May 24, 2015

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  • VC Plan
    2% isn't a return it's a retreat. At least that's the pitch being used by several Wall Street firms now. Can't say I disagree much, but what they don't say is that having the money in cash (or G Fund) protects us during the plunges which seem to be deeper and more often. We see how long the recoveries take and realize that shareholders don't get the returns they/we should for the risk they take. I guess you can see why they never gave us a gold fund.
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  • Voluntary Contributions program clarification
    It may seem like a minor point, but it should be noted that the 10% of lifetime Federal earnings limit on VC contributions by CSRS-covered employees refers to 10% of base pay only, i.e., not including overtime or monetary awards. I ran into this some years ago when I first invested the bulk of a sizable inheritance I had just received in the VC program equivalent to what I calculated would be approximately 10% of my total gross Federal earnings to date. I wound up being sent a partial refund because I had overestimated my calculation as to the base figure upon which to derive a 10% computation by including in it all earned overtime over my career up to that point as well as the value of monetary awards received up to that point also. That being said, the VC program is a real boon to CSRS employees, but unfortunately only a small fraction of the ever-shrinking cadre of active CSRS-covered employees take advantage of it. One other point, when you retire, one's VC account stops earning interest at that point - period. So you need to think beforehand of the withdrawal or annuity enhancement options available, and make a decision between them immediately upon retirement.
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  • Retirement planning
    I would like to start the VC account and then, just before I retire, transfer the money into the Roth thrift account. Am I limited? Since both actions would be near term, the interest accumulated in the VC account would be nil. The transfer would obviously exceed the maximum contribution amount. Can I do this?
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