2:55 am, May 29, 2015

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    deployed decoy
    Subject line is the top GSA Advantage hit for food served at any event your agency wishes to feed the hungry. My worry is just what on GSA Advantage is relly in the US Govt best interest or if this was used in Vegas to serve those private in hotel room parties (I think not). Then know if the widget you need has 20 venders on GSA Advantage, you can purchase the most expensive because you like the logo, or the 1 legged, Vet, woman, owned business is your wife... Heck in Kuwait the Army IG blocked GSA Advantage for most of 2011 because some young Soldier used their US Govt impact card to get stuff for private use. Maybe GSA Advantage is just as bad as GSA leadership and needs closed down.
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  • Someone Needs to Go to Jail
    Starting with the administrator, add the planners and the total number of attendees. Divide the $823,000.00 by the total number. Garnish each employee’s federal pay accordingly. That will repay the cost. Based on such fraud, waste, and abuse’ criminal charges must be brought against all involved; starting with the administrator.
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  • Never Happen
    deployed decoy
    I agree with your thoughts but it will never happen. Maybe individuals could be held accountable for all costs for meals that exceeded the MIandE rate. What grips me is this is not isolated or unique. Many (most) EUCOM agencies hold conferences in the Army Moral Welfare and Recreation hotel in Garmisch Germany. The hotel is supported by some federal tax money (US law enforcement, senior military salaries and other direct and indirect federal funding). It was built using NAF funds (profits from the PX system) to directly support junior enlisted military with a nice place to stay on vacation in Europe. Problem is there is almost never any room at the inn for that E4 with a wife and kid. Because, The hotel is jammed full of conferences every week. Of the three times I was ordered to stay in this hotel at a formal conference. Every time the hotel jacked the lodging rate way up past the highest advertized rate to hit the State Dept maximum lodging rate for the locality, conveniently paid for with federal travel funds. I was ordered to stay here instead of a 2 bedroom villa around the corner for less money. Better than that. They take all MIandE money and gave that to the property. The hotel then gives you a voucher to eat in the buffet 3 meals a day, every day you are the conference, tips not included...
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  • GSA "savings"
    just common sense
    This is the same agency that refuses to properly reimburse federal employees who must use their own cars for official business. For the first time in my 31 year federal career, the official business mileage reimbursement rate is several cents below the IRS allowable level, even though gas is at near record highs. I don't have access to a GSA car and am not allowed to rent a private car for local travel, except in limited circumstances. Apparently GSA needed that extra 4 cents per mile to fund lavish parties for themselves.
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