4:34 pm, May 29, 2015

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  • Confused!?!
    Big Joe
    Maybe I'm just confused, but I remember reading how the Air Force was slashing a couple thousand civilian jobs just a week or so ago. Are no longer doing this and are ramping up for more hiring, or is this just bad timing? Anyone that applies and accepts a civilian job at DoD is just asking for trouble...the RIFs are right around the corner......
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  • New USAF "tool" suopposedly to help speed hiring process
    How this new "tool" will supposedly speed the hiring process is unclear to say the least. The inbording process discussed pertains to the administrative procedures which new employees who have already been brought on board must go through. Making the inboarding process itself more efficient is a great goal, but in and of itself it comes after the hiring process per se has been concluded once the new hire EODs - and then goes through the inboarding process. Unless there's something not covered in the article, none of this has anything to do with helping USAF to better meet the 80 day hiring timeframe hiring model being touted by OPM.
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