1:05 pm, May 23, 2015

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  • It Gets Better
    deployed decoy
    Besides the fact that DOD (specifically Army) will grant the highest level access to high school drop outs, former gang members and people with known mental health problems. Federal agencies under Home Land Security will not accept a Army TS SBI as a routine back ground check for a simple sensitive position external to Army. Also many of the radio jobs that only require a simple secret clearance with the Army, require TS with agencies like Border Patrol or Forest Service. Apparently the frequencies the Army uses to communicate over satellites, are not nearly as vital to national security as the frequency a fire fighter uses in the woods of America.
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  • No wonder the cost of OPM background
    Norman's Mother
    investigations are skyrocketing. I had already been retired for ten months when I got a call from some contractor who wanted to interview me for my BI update! I went ballistic and told him to get lost before I called the cops and had him arrested for harassment. I was sick and tired of those people intruding into my life. I then called my former agency and read them the riot act. When I checked out, the reinvestigation should have been cancelled but no one bothered to tell OPM. Stupid mistakes like this are a huge component of why OPM is charging huge fees for background investigations.
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