3:53 pm, May 25, 2015

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    deployed decoy
    Well as I understand buy outs rather they are VSIP or VERA. It is the position, not the person that gets terminated. It is possible, but not always a fact. For agencies to move people around such that a non Vet with 7 years of service and kids to feed in that terminated position, gets moved to position that will remain after RIFS so some 79 YO, 60 year career fed gets the VSIP, starving off RIFS. But again it is up to the agency. Also after said position is terminated there should be NO promotion for lower graded people (into the terminated position or any other position), because that position and duties are no longer part of that agency core mission. Course in Army they will just hire a non A76 contractor to do inherently government work (heck our contracting office is all but owned and operated by contractors) and change the color of the money that pays them. The good side of recent contracting is I am seeing US contractors here in Kuwait that make less than they would make in the USA doing the same work. I believe this is a result of their tax free status, rotten economy in the states, the venders low balling bids and living to rape the Govt on change orders and naturally more than a few contractors hiding from child support or other legal obligations back in the mother land.
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