4:45 am, May 22, 2015

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  • A shame
    this is another United Way theme... I've given alot since I became a Fed but after this, I'm just going to have to donate elsewhere...maybe my local community or the dog pound, I'm sure the dogs could use the meals more than the humans...
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  • 10-15% of your contribution is lost off the top
    Bunting, balloons, flyers, signs, and now this garbage. Donate directly. Avoid TSP like the plague. Bad enough many managers use whether or not you donate to TSP and help them meet their unofficial (and illegal) participation goals in performance ratings.
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  • Back in the '70's at Andrews AFB We Used to Call It ...
    The United Givers Fund - we were forced to give otherwise our name was put on a list of non-contributors for our HHQ. Each year I had to look through the list of charities to find the ones that did not have a high overhead/administrative costs so that I could maximize my contribution but they were few and far between. Another sad part was that our bosses didn't care that you gave at home, they still wanted their cut so that they could pad their reports to make the organization look good.
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  • CFC
    I note that the greater misuse of CFC funds occurred during the Bush administration and that Director Berry has,in fact, cut down on this waste. The misuse of funds in 2007 and 2008 can be laid directly at the feet of Kay Coles James, who spent taxpayer money freely on personal comfort items.
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