2:49 am, May 30, 2015

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  • Training
    I'm now pretty confused. How do these comments relate to the 8570 requirements regarding IA - which is an overarching DoD requirement for those personnel who must support IA requirements? Further, the commercial certs work pretty well to address progressively more complex server and network architectures. Is the assumption that Navy IT is inherently not as complex so those certs may limit a seaman's mission capability (and are more expensive)? If so, the argument seem short sighted - even in a "stressed" budgetary environment because of the cost of inventing new training modules. Finally, Navy certs may only serve to confuse post-service employers who are asking for recognizable skill sets. thanks, RW
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  • Confusion
    RW, i am 100% sure that Terry was referring to the Operating Systems and Computing Environment Certification memorandum which is focused on operating systems and not the IA certification requirements. Rest assured. AP
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