5:20 am, May 25, 2015

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  • Base Salary
    deployed decoy
    Once again, everyone forgets about those of us working for DOD outside the USA. Our salary is the BASE. That would be about 1% BELOW RUS. We carry this reduced salary into retirement. Congress fixed this for AK, HI and such places a Puerto Rico a few years ago. The State Dept fixed it over 10 years ago, when State Dept slipped a deal in the budget that allowed everyone that retires from State to have all overseas time figured at the Washington DC Locality rate. Thus someones Hi-3, even though they spend the last 3 years in Federal service in Miles City MT, would be figured on the last overseas tour, to say Vancouver BC at a rate that far exceeds RUS. I can deal with life is not fair, I do not deal with stupidity and greed very well. So I say again. It is a violation of US Federal law for any American to be in Kuwait (or Saudi). Except the sitting President supports international slavery in exchange for hellishly priced oil that goes to Europe where the locals pay $12/gal for gas supporting their social agendas. Get me (and every trigger puller and US contractor) out of the ME and use the money saved to pay all of us a livable wage (in retirement).
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  • correction: That would be about 14% BELOW RUS
    deployed decoy
    correction: That would be about 14% BELOW RUS
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  • A sticky topic
    Lisa Lisa
    Locality or COLA is always a sticky thing. People view a COLA as more than what it is especially for those not receiving locality. To live in DC, NY (near NYC), and perhaps California-they are just expensive places to live and if someone is lets say a GS-9 or maybe evena GS-10, you cant afford to live in these areas yet for jobs-its more prosperous. In DC, for an apartment, you are going to pay anywhere from $1500-$2200 a month and thats for a 1 BR. For a house, the range somewhat varies but for a 3 BR house for a family of 4, and within a 10 mile radius, you are talking about $500K-$900K depending where you are within that radius. Outside the 10 mile radius, a 3BR will go for about $350K. Add the gas hikes at $4 a gallon for those that commute outside the beltway,you are looking at $400 a month in gas plus parking of $200 a month. Child care for an infant runs about $300-$350 a week within the beltway. Its just a reality if you compare this to lets say FL or NE. Pay is lower in these states as well as the cost of living. Its just the math. But peopel get fixated on the fact that people in DC or Cali get paid more without doing the math. Like it or not, there are federal jobs in high cost of living areas and in order for govt to function in those cities and states, workers are paid more otherwise, no one would work there because the cost to LIVE far outways a base pay.
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  • Locality pay
    Is is based on cost of wages not cost of living. There's a huge difference. Plus, many RUS areas are really really nice places at any rate and have better housing situations, let alone schools and recreation.
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  • Locality Pay
    El Fed
    Sort of the same difference. Wages are higher because the cost of living is higher.
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  • Not really dude
    Labor prices can be higher in North due to unions. You probably live in the South or West without unions. Also, could be other factors like large employers, e.g. universities.
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  • Salaries & Buying Power
    Edward Walter
    A clearer picture between salaries and buying power in the different U.S. cities emerges when you use the CNN Salary Calculator to determine your standard of living. If you really need a pay raise to lower your standard of living, then please take the next job in headquarters, San Francisco, or New York. But stop complaining about your tortuous commutes, inability to repay student loans, buy a home, and raise a family because you found a pot of fools gold at the end of the rainbow.
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  • Does anyone else...
    FERS Fed
    ...understand Edward's rant???
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