6:44 am, May 23, 2015

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  • Living on 1/3 of your income
    OPM appears to be improving their retirement processing system. I was surprised to see extra money in the bank account this month. It turns out to be the reto retired payment for Dec 2011 thru March 2012. So OPM did process my full retired pay within four months.
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  • Staffing
    What can you expect, the staffing has been cut more than once across the governemtn while the number of people that require government services has increased. Do more with less is a lie, a falacy perpetrated on the American people by Congress and previous administrations to avoid making the hard decisions to tax for services and wars.
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    I was advised by OPM that I could expect to receive 10 to 12 "interim" (monthly) payments before my application was processed and I would receive my full retirement benefit. I received my first interim payment two months after I retired, so I will have to wait 12 to 14 months before receiving full retirement (and the interim payments don't approach 80 to 90 percent).
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  • snails pace
    Taxpayer Too
    There's this nagging question I have. Why does it take OPM so long to issue a correct retirement check and SSA is right on? SSA is dealing with so many more people then OPM so it doesn't make sense. I realize that OPM and SSA are each working with a different type of retirement but come one get real!! There has to be some remedy out there that will speed things up for OPM and it can't be that difficult. I hear pan handling can be profitable. I could do that until my ship comes in but with my luck I'll be at the airport.
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  • Make OPM pay a penalty for delayed payments
    Larry in MD
    A simple solution to the problem - make OPM pay a penalty for any late payments. If they short me 60%, when they finally fix it months later let them pay interest and heavy penalty for being late paying the bills. The IRS does not like me paying my taxes late and if I do they will extract a penalty and an interest payment from me. When congress has to pay for being late with it obligated payments to retired civil servant then they will figure out what it takes to fix the retirement mess. As long at there it no cost to Congress for being late they will do nothing.
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  • I agree
    Your logic is very reasonable. It will never happen
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  • Why just a penalty?
    The idea of a penalty does not go far enough. Like the IRS, there should be a 45-day interest free period. After that, penalties AND interest. Like "worker" wrote, it will never happen. But, it's a nice thought.
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