8:00 am, May 22, 2015

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  • Huh Didnt get it Mike
    deployed decoy
    No idea how that joke ends. As Austerity measures need forced on Americans as in the future when the debt causes real harm, you can bank on all federal retirements packages slashed by 60%. Well except for retired elected officials. You know us feds are going to die slow hungry miserable deaths before social security or welfare are cut... We just do not have the votes to make us worth saving. In the end only the rich and elected will eat beef. Everyone else will be glad to find a stay fat puppy instead of eating rat on Sundays.
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  • Your comments are a joke
    Your comments make no sense. I would not bank on our retirement benefits being slashed by 60%. That must come from your fantasies.
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  • 1/3 retirement or less?
    disgusted fed who hopes to hold out until retirement
    Bring on The Hunger Games. We are already there.
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  • arting pointPossible st
    Would it help, if the retirement estimate is not met or reasonably close to met, to flood Congress with letters? Feds do not like to hear from Congress.
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  • OPM
    I suggest, and wonder why OPM would not, provide 100% of their estimate when due (upon retirement) then make corrections at their convenience. Recordkeeping Competence. I tried obtain an estimate for redeposit for temporary service and received a statement requiring a redeposit of a deposit I had already made for previous service. In addition, the interest appeared to be reversed with the principal. Calling the number of the statement, I waited 30 minutes on hold and the customer service representative hung up on me after telling me if I thought there was an error I could write in. When I reported it to the Ombudsman I did receive a response via telephone but was told it would take months the research.
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  • And for the rest of us......
    Big Joe
    O know the focus is on the retirees, but for those of us waiting on OPM to process other actions the wait is even longer. Its been a year wait thus far for OPM to tell my agency they can start to collect the amount I need to pay to service my prior Government time. Every month interest accumulates and I wait in line behind every single unprocessed retiree....
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  • Wow, I wonder if they added a few computers to this process, it would work
    With all this emphasis on cyber and cyber threats, it seems we are the threat by asking for a service. Why can't this process be automated? I have electronic files, so should I retire, why print and mail a retirement package? This makes no sense other than blind bureaucratic non-sense.
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