6:02 am, May 25, 2015

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  • A better idea
    I got a better idea. Let's raise taxes on the wealthy to cover the domestic programs and keep the cuts in the defense programs. And for future years instead of the cuts the radical right wants, continue raising taxes for the wealthy and let us have more cuts in defense. This would be a good place to start negotiations with the radical right in Congress.
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  • Congress Retirement
    Let those on Capitol Hill making and passing all our laws receive a cut in their salary when they retire. When federal workers retire we receive a cut in salary; however, when Congress retire they receive the same salary and benefits. The economy is high, salaries are frozen, but they fail to realize everything is going up, gas, food, health care, Doctor fees, etc. Name it, everything has gone up. Congress need to stop been selfish and put themselves in our shoes. God do not like it and one day they will feel it. You shall reap what you sow, believe it. Selfishness shall get you no where.
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  • Re: Federal Pay and Benefits
    GetOffYour Butts
    It is only normal that our compensation and benefits are under attack due to deficit spending and the budget gap. That said___NO ONE gets anything that they are not willing to FIGHT FOR. Complacency will keep federal employees under attack as scapegoats. YOU have to get off your butts and Protest in Washington DC along with every family member you can bring with you. You have to be willing also to walk off the job. NO one gets anything without fighting for it. If you are unwilling to fight then you get what you deserve and you have no one to blame except yourselves.
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