5:49 pm, May 24, 2015

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  • New Mobile Smoking Cessatin App
    Ken Derow
    A new, powerful, mobile-phone based intervention (an app), is now available on all Android smartphone devices as of January 1, 2012 (and will be available on Apple devices in 4-5 months). This app is an intervention of the type that has now been recommended by the Community Preventive Services Task Force appointed by the CDC, and, it is more powerful and more comprehensive than any other commercially available smoking cessation app program available today. This app is called, "Quit Smoking, Start Now," and you can learn much more about it on the website, www.quitsmokingstartnow.com, if you choose to. This app is based on existing and emergent psychological theory, brain science research and proven behavioral modification techniques. The app is easy to use, intuitive and even offers a unique "panic-button" feature that the app user can launch any time they feel an urge to smoke at an inappropriate time not signaled by the program itself, or, after they have quit and are in danger of relapsing. The app is based on utilizing and enhancing the smoker's own willpower and resolve to quit smoking, emphasizing to the quitter that the power to quit resides in their own intentions, that is, in their brain.
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