1:54 am, May 28, 2015

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  • GOP budget plan extends federal pay freeze, changes retirement benefits
    NOT ED
    While the fed govt wastes millions on Solyndra, the Chevy Volt, etc. and "give" a tax break on SS to everyone; give a $ billion to Brazil to drill for oil, a $ billion on the not-war in Lybia, etc. they want to use the fed employees to pay for all of it. I have other ideas of how to save money without ruining the lives and retirements of Feds.
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  • Who wants to balance the budget on the feds backs?
    This is strictly a Republican objective pure and simpleThey are the ones trying to stick it to feds. They are the ones who refuse to increase taxes on the wealthy ($250000 is not wealthy) Republicans, do not try to distort things by blaming Obama. He4 and the Dems do not want this nonsense.
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  • Seriously!
    Soooo tired of all this BS (Budget Stuff)! Can we discuss the unspoken benefits of Congress (parking spaces at home and Metro DC airports, doctors on call, gas reimbursements, etc. They don't know what it is like to purchase, insure, gas up (or plug in) and drive a car!!My benefits are increasing while pay is freezing; creating a negative impact on my local economy. The main reasons I became a Fed were job security and pension. How dare you try to change the pension agreement!!!Today, Causey talks about a month long furlough! Just how productive are Feds today with all this Congressional appreciation today. I am preparing for a seminar on EAP today and the suggested reading is a book entitled 'Be the Boss Your Employees Deserve'. Perhaps, Congress needs to read it.
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  • Congressional Retirement
    Why do we not let congress have a more realistic retirement Ex. Not 100% retirement after one term in office and their own special medical coverage compared to the general populace. How about they have to work like government employees until retirement age as well as only get the set amount for retirement and not 100% of their pay after 4, 6, or 8 years on the job. Talk about a savings to the US taxpayers.
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  • Nonsense
    You are parroting a popular myth: http://www.snopes.com/politics/socialsecurity/pensions.asp
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  • Why Make the Same Mistakes as the Private Sector?
    So since the private sector, which once offered decent retirement plans, has made a mess of it by robbing pension funds and pushing everyone into 401K plans or its variants, which are recognized to not actually cover an employee’s retirement needs, the Federal Government, which only caught up with what the private sector used to be within the last 10 to 15 years, should follow suit? How about the private sector gets its act together and returns to appropriate, funded retirement planning the way it once did.
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  • We can still change this
    I am confident the GOP, captained by it's conservative wing, will preserve tax advanages for their corporate friends, the 1-percenters, on our backs unless those of us in states with an open primary help replace conservative Republicans with moderates.
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  • That would be nice
    I voted Republican a number of times before the party went so far to the right. After that I was labelled a liberal.
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