9:16 am, May 22, 2015

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    The last 2 Postmasters could care less about what the service should be doing to retain customer service and has been for the last four/five years been attempting to drive it into privatization. The PO is made up of a good percentage of military veterans and the past 4 yrs of economic struggle is not the time to creat 100,000 person job lost by our own government with shutting down locations in rural and central city post offices and mail processing centers. Congress is using the PO cash flow for other budget areas in the federal government and will not acknowlege the overpayment of ALL the funds that should be paid back or credited to the postal service. Collins and the other senators don't understand that the PO has been profitable were it not for the prepayment for future retiree health care, again FUTURE. That means that currently everything is paid for plus many more years to come, if Congress stopped milking the PO for its $$$$ and stopped these Postmaster from destroying the service via unnecessary cut backs by closing hundreds if not thousands of facilities.
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