5:45 am, May 25, 2015

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  • Can't Hardly Wait
    Duck Hunter
    Glad to see someone trying to do something about this. We still get issued BlackBerry Bolds, still one of the most expensive model RIM produces (~$500 cost to us). However, security has tightened so much they now disable most use of the sim-card, we can't even air-gap with it anymore to move videos to the primary network. They also disabled all external instant messaging systems, disbaled the addition of most apps, use of bluetooth, and wi-fi. In short, we purchased a $500 smartphone and disabled $400 worth of features on it to meet security requirements.
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  • Wrong approach
    It seems to me the approach should NOT be to support particular devices, but rather to support particular browsers and make those secure for authoritative web services. You have three basic "streams" of devices, windows, android and ios. The ios devices are really the only ones that have heavily corporate controlled (apple) design. The other two are the "wild west" in relation to software and hardware, but there are cross-platform strategies that could work. It is really not effective to "bless" hardware and software as is the current practice...
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