6:21 am, May 22, 2015

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  • Actually, the situation has the potential to be far worse...
    FERS Fed
    ...than what your article describes, Mike. That's because the 2013 budget plan scheduled to be released today (Tuesday 3/20/12) by House Budget Committee Chairman Rep. Paul Ryan reneges on last summer's debt and budget agreement, and cuts an additional $19 billion-with-a-B from domestic agencies. See the "House GOP to unveil budget blueprint" Federal News Radio article.......... When I read, "It's up to the people to demand from their government a better budget, a better plan, and a choice between two futures," Ryan said. "The question is: Which future will we choose?", I had to laugh out loud........ I guess that, even as he's reneging on one agreement, Rep. Ryan is saying that we the people should trust the very politicians that spent us into this situation to make a "better budget". A "better budget" for who, I can't help but wonder?
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  • The Government has failed the people
    Mike from the FAA
    This is just another sign of how our government has failed the people. It is totally running amuck with no accountability. It spends and spends without remorse. All the population thinks is how has it helped me. Because we are in so many conflicts around the world we can't take care of business at home. When are the politicians going to learn to take care of business within our borders before looking elsewhere? Who made us the watch dog of the world? How are these agencies going to get straightened out when they can't even process retirements? It is a total collapse from top to bottom.
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  • Equal Pay for Equal Work
    How about we take congressional pay divide it by the working days of the year for government workers and then only pay congress on the days they work at the daily rate that was calculated earlier. Also cut their early retirement out that we all pay.
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  • They Don't need the pay
    You seem to think they need the money, there are very few congressmen/reps that actually need a pay check, do you think taking $200,000 away from millionaires is really going to make a difference. These people are power hungry, not money hungry.
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