9:45 am, May 23, 2015

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  • My view
    Time Bandit
    "Current federal employees have had their own salaries frozen for two years and new employees will have to pay four times as much in retirement contributions, saving the government $75 billion. Yet nothing is being done to trim out-of-control contractor spending," said AFGE National President John Gage in a statement." I used to be a contractor, mainly a grunt worker. I can see what will happen if this takes affect, contracting companies won't hire as much employees and/or offer nothing in the way of a salary so mgmt can keep their cushy income. In one aspect, I saw alot of redundancy where I worked. People collecting a paycheck and doing nothing to earn it and/or using 2-3 people to do the job that 1 person can do.
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  • Good..but...
    Big Joe
    I would contractor salaries to be capped to no more than GS15 step 10, but I know that will never happen. I've had my salary frozen for two years, while the contractor sitting right next to me who makes about $80,00 MORE than me just got a 6% pay increase in January. How do I know-I'm the COTR. I'm not talking billing rate...I'm talking take home. Yea, I'm a little bitter! It's not comforting at all to know he still has to make another $170k a yer before he hits his pay cap.....
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  • I call BS
    Sam B
    What type of contract were you using that gave you the ability to see a particular contractor's take home pay? Even under a cost reimbursement contract, you'd only see the cost of the contractor, not what they make.
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  • To the two previous posters
    Figures. Two bitter government personnel, both probably in the Union. To the first poster, it is "a lot" not "alot." I guess writing doesn't fall into your current set of KSAs? Funny, most places I go, I see contractors doing the work of government, while many government employees are doing the work of not too much. Oh, the topics that government people DO spend "a lot" of time on: retirement, step promotions, pay bands, and promotions - but one never hears about productivity, effectiveness, discipline, or organization goals. Remember, YOU write up the roles, contracts, and awards - if the contractors can get away with doing no work, then FIND A MIRROR and look in it - the person to blame is staring back at you. To the other poster, my dear COTR, you are a spineless "player-hating" bitter person who has seen the world slip by, maybe with barely a whisper, and now you're peering into the salaries of others - not for budget, balance, and value - but to self-compare and complain about it here. If analysts at commercial firms are caught looking into the saalries of others for personal comparison, they're fired. However, the guy you're looking at, his job as contractor is to DO the work - your job at the COTR is to WATCH the work. Ah, there are those who heard what happened, those who watched what happened, and those who DID the things that happened. Remember the guy who got the pay bump that you counted? He can be FIRED without so much fanfare? You? You need to commit a FELONY to see a pink slip, and even then, it'd have to be a good, solid hurtful kind of felony. That contractor takes the chance that his job could be gone in a snap - and he also has to actually WORK, unlike you, who need only WATCH. With better metrics, we could replace both of you clock-punchers with a program to measure what the workers do, and be rid of you, and save some real money. Hate the game, not the players. Hate the work, not the workers.
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  • with any luck
    deployed decoy
    You will get a pink slip and live off unemployment, since I bet your company does not have any retirement plan. Just as you noted you can be fired so lets do it to pay off the debt. In DoD I have never saw a single A76 study completed. Every contract person in Kuwait in my little world makes 2X more than me a GS12 step 10 with 35 years of service. That income is also tax FREE up to just under $90k/Yr. Better than that, many companies require the workers to have local Kuwait bank accounts, so the company can 'hide salary from the USA IRS' and pay them under the table, no W2s are ever issued in any case. My vote is T4C every contract that did not have an A76 study, and tax the contractors in all overseas locations, yes even those hardship locations like Rome or Stuttgart.
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  • not a chance
    Me, fired? Impossible. I and those like me do the work, and have for years. Does my firm have a retirement plan? It has a 401(k), which outearns the funds the government plan has...but it sounds like you have a pay-for-life deal (AND you can't be fired) so go get some tissues and get over it. Our government will be putting money into your pocket until you die, and for what? So you could say you "represented" the government while people did work around you. Those people around you make 2x what you do becuase they will have to work every day until without a pension like yours - can you and the other two NOT do this math? But you work for the government directly, so you have that to fall back on - it was never about the money, right? Right? Well, it was supposed to be for the honor and opportunity to serve, but it sounds like you three also want the honor of the big salary up front. Well, get off your duff and GO GET ONE OF THOSE JOBS, you know, where people sweat doing the work. And I'll help you out for free, too: know why they stop the taxes on those jobs up to $90k? Because non-workers like you elected to take a government safety net job already, and THAT doesn't get the mission done, so we need contractors at those rates to show up - it's simple market economics. However, if YOU did the work, with your GS buddies, we wouldn't NEED the contractors to go in harm's way and be paid market rates to do it. You and your GS buds would do it for the honor of the task. Think of that savings.
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