2:53 pm, May 30, 2015

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  • so true
    deployed decoy
    Mike, Well around here I dont think they even got out of the cave. I refused to sign my 2011 eval, the highest I received in 4 years. The reason, it is fraud if I do. Both my rater and HLR left the ME without rating me and several other people in 2011. As leadership scrambled to please the herd, everyone got special ratings by 'other raters', as noted higher than average. Of course those ratings were also too late to be included in any performance award board. But I just dont understand the award money thing. Working for Army, I call it the annual come to work on time award. Everyone gets one. 15 years with the 'other' US Govt and receiving the highest rating most years. Neither I or anyone else got a cent. The only annual QSI bump I ever heard of (since 1984) was one of the senior HR staffers (who by default knows how to cheat the system best), who wrote her own QSI award recommendation.
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  • I am a retired government scientist.
    After 36+ years of very productive work, I can testify: 1. performance ratings have nothing to do with the quality of performance and 2. awards have nothing to do with either performance or performance ratings.
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  • Ditto...
    I can testify likewise. Especially in the last half of my 33 year career with the IRS, evaluations were a total joke. Senior managers use their points to 'reward' their special friends, and to H E Double Hockey Sticks with everybody else. And of course the most protected group of front line managers were the ones having affairs with the morally bankrupt supervisors or executives who could control the ratings. Cheating on your spouse was almost a requirement if you wanted to advance within the rancid little cesspool where I worked. LOTS of technically deficient employees and managers have been promoted that way, sad to say. What's funny about it, if anything could be funny about it, is that members of this Unholy Alliance think that no one else knows. What morons.
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  • "performance" ratings
    I remember one eval I got when I was a newer employee - it was written as if specifically addressed to me, as in "You did X, You did Y," etc. Except it was obviously copied and pasted from another employee, as the wrong name was used throughout the narrative. I understand the efficiency of copy and paste, but gosh, there's also that "global replace" function in Word that would have made the eval seem more meaningful - if it had actually used my name! Another time, a co-worker showed me her eval (from a different manager), and it was written in third person- and the manager had all the gender pronouns wrong ("he" and "his" where it should have been "she" and "hers"). C'mon, can't we even get a little proof-reading? As a front-line manager (now), I know the workload can be pressing, but how much confidence can you have in a rating like that?
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  • Wish I could get a sweetheart deal like those SMs
    Win-Win leaves out some other parties. Just goes to show how crazy these things get.
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