2:09 am, May 23, 2015

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  • My view
    Time Bandit
    "Insurers would be rewarded for enrolling high-cost patients — those considered to be in the "high-risk pool." The problem I faced with "insurers" wasn't high risk, I don't even consider it a risk. I've been healthy all my life, I have no pre-existing conditions. I don't smoke nor drink, I don't have diabetes nor cancer. When I was laid off, I tried to apply for health coverage with 2 plans for my husband and I. He was accepted, I was denied because of my height/weight ratio. Yes, I am slightly overweight but they classified me as a "risk". My view on this is that ANYONE should be labeled a risk regardless of size, I feel health providers discriminate not because of one's health history but because of their size and this is wrong. Every year I have done physicals and female exams, in all cases, I have been given a clean slate. Something needs to be done about the mentality of insurers against people of size, just because we are larger then the average person doesn't constitute we are unhealthy.
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  • Be careful
    Some of these are not for you to answer, but you should consider. You indicate you are overweight relative to your size. You state you are not diabetic, but are you prediabetic and may develop diabetes? Are you at a higher risk for heart problems because of your weight? The insurers are going by statistics and cannot go by each individual. Do you have a Blue Cross in your area? I believe they accept everyone, but I do not know the cost. Discuss this with your medical professional and I wish you luck.
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  • Kind of confused here...
    The plan is to let the elderly hop into the health insurance pool of working age federal employees, putting the entire burden on the increase in premiums of such a plan on federal employees and not spread the burden over the entire tax paying population? Someone tell me I'm wrong. Please.
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  • normaldude
    sounds like it to me also. Well, it IS a Republican plan.
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  • It smells like this to me
    Guess this is another way for the Republicans to stick it to feds. Our premiums will go up sharply based on the experience ratings of the plans.
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  • Somebody tell these Republicans:
    The New Deal is here to stay and they can just get over it. It is the New American Way and they can keep up or go back to the nineteenth century.
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  • Entitlements?
    How can Medicare be considered an 'entitlement' program when I've been paying into it for 30 years? Where do all those premiums go that millions pay each year? Does congress steal the payments to fund give-aways to people who don't pay into the system?
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  • Entitements
    Path Finder
    Cathy you are right they also got into the Social Security fund we all paid into.
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  • Repeat after me
    FERS Fed
    Republican's chant -- privatize gains, socialize losses.
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  • GOP plan would open FEHBP to non-feds
    Kenneth W.
    Wow! What a bargain. They want me to pay (a lot) more for their health plan than I ever would for Medicare. I've paid my fair share into Medicare for a lot of years and it's not an 'entitlement' program to me. I just happen to be eligible very soon, so I'm a 'little' sensitive to this idiotic idea. I'm also not a high-risk pool member, but I imagine their health plan will make me one based just on my age or some other excuse. That way my costs go up even more. No thanks! Keep Medicare, and pay back what you've "stolen" from/put IOUs into Social Security (SS), "fence the SS funds for the future (so they can't be stolen again or used for anything except 'valid' SS recipients), and then let's see what kind of bright ideas you come up with. We need to get rid of the current administration and every incumbent in Congress, and start over with 'fresh blood' and see if we can get some honest folks into office who remember why we voted them in. If they don't get the message, next election-vote them out too, and keep doing it until they get it. It's time for politicians to all be one-term members. They haven't learned anything except how to take care of themselves. This is unbelievable. These guys are making up this stuff as they go along.
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