1:31 pm, May 24, 2015

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  • The Buyout Shuffle
    My agency offered buyouts. 3 rounds. First and second rounds went to support personnel. The 3rd round made it to a limited number of front line employees. However, for the most part, buyout letters were limited to employees that were not interested in retiring at present, or if they did decide to retire, would have minimal impact on delivering program. So most letters fell on deaf ears. It would seem that if an agency was interested in offering buyouts, they could easily contact all eligible employees, and give them a one question survey. If offered a buyout, how likely are you to retire? a) definitely b) possibly c) not at all. Then if an agency was serious about reducing payroll, send letters to those that answer a not c.
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  • Sounds like you're in the IRS
    I am in the IRS and did get a buyout offer that expires today. Didn't take it because I'm in FERS and would only get 28% of my high 3 with no Social Security Supplement until I'm age 56 and no COLA until age 62. Can't afford that. IRS offered the buyout to about 1600 people and will only accept 270 - so it probably get the 270.
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