11:58 am, May 27, 2015

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  • Not all companies do this
    Time Bandit
    "For transit commuters, the bill would extend, back to Jan. 1, a tax break that allows the deduction of up to $240 a month tax-free from their paychecks for expenses incurred traveling to work. That tax break expired at the end of 2011, reducing the mass-transit subsidy to $125. The subsidy for parking benefits, meanwhile, remained unchanged." If this is for Fed workers, it should also apply to non-fed workers as well. I worked for a larger company that did this, when I left them for a smaller woman owned business...they didn't do this for us. We had to pay out of our pockets for commuting, they didn't even offer reimbursement for taking Metro to the customer site. We would have to go sometimes 2-3 times a day, thank goodness I am no longer working in DC. What should be done is for commuters to claim their tickets towards their taxes, VRE issues monthly tickets to riders. This should be allowed as a tax break, even those who take Metro as well.
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