11:35 am, May 25, 2015

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  • No Budget
    Kenny Ray
    Best idea to come out of Washington in my memory. Sadly it would be largely symbolic since most members are independently wealthy, but it should be law anyway. Also it definitely needs to be NON retroactive. And while we're at it, let's put them in an official LWOP status i.e. no health benefits, no leave accrual, and the clock stops on their retirement years of service. I know, it's a pipe dream but it sounds good.
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  • budget every other year is a good idea
    Jerry A.
    Especially if Congress votes on a budget in non-election years, a budget every other year might let them compromise and pass better budgets.
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  • If you don't do your job you don't get paid.
    Fed Ready to Leave
    What an idea. The main job of Congress is to pass a budget and if you can't do your main job you should not get paid. Also, if the President is limited to 8 years, then Congress should be limited to 12 at most. They have been recently attacking the SES for not working at other agencies. What hypocrites! Maybe Congress should try working in the private sector without their insider trading for a change. Another thing is that Congress should not be able to give themselves a raise. If they get reelected then they can also have a 0%, 2%, 4%, and 6% raise option on the ballot and if they get reelected then they get the rounded down average so if voters average a 3.9% raise, then the politician gets a 2% raise. They are OUR employees and we should be the ones to set their salaries, not them. Also, we need a national sales tax instead of the illegal search and seizure of the income tax which Congress uses to pry into our personal lives and “legally” collect personal data on us. If this happened then Congress and Lobbyists would have no power to write in loopholes into the tax code. If you don’t want to pay a lot of tax, then don’t buy a lot of stuff. Groceries should be exempt from the tax though. We really need to wipe the slate clean and start fresh until they get the message.
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  • Compromise?
    First the article is senseless. The reason the budgets are not passed is because there is a wide gulf between the mostly conservative Republican Party and the more liberal Democrats. You can crash your head against the wall all you want, but both parties are too far apart for a compromise. It has nothing to do with work.---------The idiot who blamed the Democrats is probably a radical right tea partier. It is the lack of ability to compromise on both sides.
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