1:15 am, May 30, 2015

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  • What value is there
    in moving administrator types from place to place? Think NIH. The longer a person is there, the more he knows how to do his job. This is because some types of expertise require a lifetime to achieve. Can an SES type go downtown and conduct the National Symphony? Set a broken bone? Conduct scientific research? Give me a break. Of course not. Then how can anyone expect that such a person would be any help at NIH? The rotation of SES types results in high placed persons with only a superficial grasp of what the heck is going on around them. If somebody wants to come to NIH for the purpose of helping achieve its mission, they should do so by studying science, gaining expertise, and EARNING their place on the staff. SES go home. Or to some office job that does not require complex expertise.
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  • Mr. Chemist, you are so right....
    Norman's Mother
    I commented on Mike's previous article about SES rotation, which I vehemently oppose. The SES corps should function as gatekeepers; not mid-level managers. It is they who should advise their Directors how the pay freeze, higher health care premiums and reduced retirement benefits will affect workforce retention and morale. In turn, this will enable Agency/Department heads to effectively engage members of Congress who advocate such policies. In sum, agencies need career SESers who come up through the ranks and place their agencies and people ahead of their personal career ambitions. After all, even a GS-1 needs someone to fight for himself/herself.
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  • Out of Step Award (Reward) System for SES too....
    I understand "if they aren't happy we won't be either"... but hold on, there is something about the SES system that makes us all REALLY unhappy .... A gross abuse in the SES program within my agency is the award of what they call, Unusually Outstanding Performance Awards for the SES staff. These amount to upwards of $10,000, and they are given (quietly) on a rotation so all the SES’ers get one every few years. The pot is always there, and magically, there are always enough "deserving" SESers to receive this every year to drain the set-aside pot. Besides the dollar amount being completely unjustifiable, since the SES salaries are already compensating these folks "for being managers at that level," the “work” they are being rewarded for completing was in truth done by the rank-and-file, who get nothing extra for making the boss look so good they "deserve" and get a $10,000 check! Seems the President/Congress could save lots of money by eliminating the SES Bonuses, or cutting the pool of funds in half and redirecting it to the rank-and-file Performance Award pot, and letting SESers compete for the ridiculously small awards for Outstanding ratings like the rest of us so it can go to those who deserve it!
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  • Does happiness trickle down?
    Management by being pissed off is not the best way to manage
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  • There's only one thing that flows down!
    FERS Fed
    Ask any plumber what it is.
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