6:51 pm, May 28, 2015

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  • If Leonna Helmsley were alive and well and were a Senator
    I could just see her saying (Congressmen and women are exempt from this Freeze, of course). "Pay Freezes are for the Little People !" ; (
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  • Glad to have a job
    Yes I am glad to have a job but with the price of gas and food I am not sure if I can afford to get to work anymore. This pay freeze does not effect the congressmen and womens wallet, nor their staff, it effects us the lower grade people. They are ruining us to help the lobbyist and big business. I think the occupy people might have been right success on the backs of the 99%. I have lost all faith in Congress republican and democrat alike, we as Federal Employees serve this country with pride and the reward we get is pay freeze or benefits cuts so that others can succeed.
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  • 2013 Pay freeze
    To congress, I am a single mother who is a employed by the federal government and was affected by your 2 year pay freeze already, YOU did not take a pay freeze at that time and now you are asking us, the little people to suck it up again! You should be ashamed of yourselves! YOU take the pay cut and allow us that already gave up 2 years to have our increase. Inflation did not stop for us but you managed to get your bonus. I believe it is time for you to do your part and leave us out of the equation.
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  • Budget
    Great Job I wonder who I should vote for OBAMA-ROMNEY DEMOREPULIC. It looks like we are fixing the budget. I like the trend, keep taking and wasting I am going to apply that principle to my house. Ill just keep spending for financial growth using credit cards and all to stimulate the economy then I will cut my budget by telling the credit card companies that they need to trim down their budgets so I can stimulate the economy and I will by a refrigerator or remodel my home, or go on vacation. You guys in Congress to the president should be ashamed of yourselves you have ruined the republic and have sold your souls for a dollar.
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