4:26 pm, May 28, 2015

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  • DOJ Diversity
    Kenny Ray
    "Employees rank the Justice Department in the top half of the best large agencies to work for, but it's not one of the most diverse." Anyone stop to think that may be the REASON its one of the best places to work?
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  • Diversity is a Joke and Simply a Job Creation Program For Less Skilled
    Diversity throws merit out the window and replaces it with a means to hire and promote mostly less skilled and qualified workers under the cloak of political correctness and tolerance. In many federal agencies, the number of these folks, many in GS-14/15 and SES ranks has reached critical mass. Coupled with the vast exodus of critical knowledge leaving (mostly white folks that do not meet the diversity label)and what results is a mess.
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  • Guess Affirmative Action, lower grades, easier job acces, and hand outs just isn't
    enough. No matter what anyone deos, it will NEVER be enough until uneducated minorities run everything.....right into the ground. And people think that there is no reparation. Rightttttt.....
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  • DOJ and diversity
    There has been a long hitory in government of such "aggresive" diversity-enhancing initiatives, with the clear message being sent to senior managers that they will be evaluated on the extent to which the "numbers change" for the better one way or another. This has all too often resulted in the imposition of unadmitted but very real quota-based hiring and promotion, with merit considerations being given, sub rosa, increasing short shrift. The workforce by-the-by really knows what's going on, and the hypocrisy behind such actions is clear and leads to cynicism and the demoralization of the career civil service, as it becomes increasingly evident that selection and advancement decisions are being made with true merit as a criterion taking very much a back seat. A little more open honesty in such matters is long overdue.
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  • I guess this is Holder's recompense to....
    ....the thugs who "manned" the polling site in Philadelphia brandeshing baseball bats to intimidate and scare away those who would have dared vote for John McCain in 2008.
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  • When will these people wake up
    Norman's Mother
    and realize diversity isn't the issue? Most agencies are very diverse; the problem is disparity of treatment, especially among males and females. The Intelligence Community (IC)- especially the military IC - has been male-dominated since inception. A few years ago, several female CIA analysts filed a class action suit because they were being denied Station Chief jobs. A position that would guarantee them a fast track to upper management and even SES. Ditto for the military IC. When DoD IC made foreign deployment a condition of employment they didn't mean everybody. I know several males who use their spouses to avoid deployment; even stating that their wives will not allow them to deploy! Their supervisors being henpecked wimps, allow these individuals to get away with not deploying while the rest of us leave our families and risk our lives to fulfill a legal contract. So, Eric Holder, you can pass diversity laws 'till the cows come home, but implementation is the key. I see zero changes in the future; only more of the same.
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