6:06 am, May 25, 2015

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  • Unpaid time is for the birds
    We have heard the same thing here, about a full week of exercises, and have been advised to take Friday of the exercise week off (it is considered a liberal leave day). They haven't mentioned anything about Mon-Thurs, but we have been told that we are not paid until we are at our office, no allowed time due to delays at the gate. Unfortunatly, we do not have a BOQ or BEQ here to bunk in rather than wait in line for hours ...
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  • "Security" exercises
    It is time to appoint Bernie Goetz as Secretary of Homeland Security. Once Americans begin taking responsibility for their own security, we won't need to be strip-searched to get on an airplane.
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  • unpaid overtime
    Last year, I worked hundreds of hours off the books in order to get the job done. Lack of resources, and a limited budget have made things quite dire. But this year,I realized that the work never goes away, and if I continue to work off the books, no hard choices are made. Management doesn't address nor do they realize what work doesn't get done- if I am always staying late to get it done. I was exhausted. So now I log every hour I am at work. If I can't earn credit hours I just go home and worry about the work on the next day. I am much less stressed and I have a better perspective. My job is still very important to me and I give 150% when I am working but working off the books isn't good for anyone.
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  • All about choices
    Lisa Lisa
    The exercise is pre-announced. They are giving personnel an opportunity to make plans/choices in advance. Overtime is for work paid beyond your normal tour of duty and that doesnt count if you are in your car sitting in traffic (unfortunately DC folks will have little empathy as this is a way of life every as we sit in an hour of traffic in the AM and an hour in the PM..sometimes longer). Now, if your boss asks you to work OT while you are at work..then you are to be paid OT or negotiate comp time. But I think its reasonable to think noone should be paid OT for sitting in their car or hanging out at work til the time passes whether its for an exercise, an accident, or road closures.
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