4:39 am, May 23, 2015

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  • Huh?
    "federal employees eligible for retirement could continue to work part-time while collecting a corresponding percentage of their retirement annuity." Not even sure what this means! Does it mean we draw the same pension but still work 20 hrs a week? Who would choose to do that when they can retire! I would like to see another article that better explain this "benefit."
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  • Actually...
    I know several former full-time Feds who have done this. Some do it because they're not ready to retire full time, some do it because they enjoy the work but their jobs have changed over time and part-time covers the job, others do it to help out a downsizing organization. There's a multitude of reasons. I think the bigger issue that was identified with this is that the amendment targets the "savings" of the full time salary to fund projects that have nothing to do with the federal workforce. It's not that the people are retired but still work. The rules for being a retiree that returns to work part time are very specific...and too involved to get into here. Having said that...where do I sign up...and when can I go?
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  • Double huh?
    Not sure I understand how this will work..... By "corresponding amount" do they mean corresponding with what you earn by working 20 hours (or whatever you end up working)? If that's the case, would you be working 20 hours but be paid for 40? How would this affect your retirement accounts? What about if you're CSRS?
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