10:47 am, May 22, 2015

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  • Time Delay
    JR Samples
    As much as people complain about the OPM processing time, I had much more of a problem getting the check for my unused leave. I could never determine if it was the finance center or my old agency.
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  • By Comparison...
    I guess I was pretty lucky when I retired in Jan, 2010. Way before the end of January I got my check for unused leave (which did come from IRS, not OPM, I think). And because I planned well, and long ahead, it was way more than enough to make up for the 'lite' interim checks, which lasted eight months. Lo and behold (?) I even got an award check a couple of months after retiring! My agency did me good, OPM not so much.
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  • Retirement in 2012
    Rock Man
    There may be a log-jam at OPM, but I think I would take my chances there this year, rather than get sucked into the inevitable changes that Congress will likely make in our retirement contributions and benefits.
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  • Now into the 11th month
    I have a former co-worker who retired in April of 2011. He still has not yet received his full retirment check. Luckily for him he was frugle, is getting about 80%, and the wife is still working. (Which is how I know he still hasn't gotten his full check., as she works with me.) He called in February, again, to see what the problem is, and they had not yet assigned his case. I think the 4 months average is not even close to accurate.....................Another retiree from earlier that same year took 8 months.
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  • Accountability For Prompt Retirement Processing
    It seems unbelievable that there is this enormous amount of backlog for processing retirement claims and that Mr. Berry has not lost his job. Everyone should bombard their Congressman and demand that this be resolved. You can be sure that if you owed OPM money, they would demand payment immediately and if not, you would be charged interest and penalties. Everyone needs to rally and standup against this.
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  • If it is my money
    why can't I sue OPM for stealing it? It is not as if OPM has a choice about which laws it will obey. If the payments are not on time, their should be severe penalties; OPM should pay the retiree $10,000 for each day any payment is late. Maybe that will get the Congress off it's fat behind to provide the staffing and digital record keeping that the law requires.
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  • Response to If it is my money
    Agree with you 100%
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  • That would be nice even $10000/yr
    Nothing will happen. That would add to the deficit. Congress does not like us. And we make up a small percentage of the voters. Oh well.
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  • Retirement if not now - when?
    OPM has been dealing with a backlog for years, with no end in sight. For most retiring employees with no significant life issues, like court orders, divorce, etc impacting retirement, OPM should be able to accurately process a retirement in days using a computer. This is 2012, not 1992. If OPM is backed up now, watch what happens on January 1, 2014, when FERS employees will get full credit for their unused sick leave. Thru December 31, 2013, FERS folks now get 1/2 credit. Starting January 1, 2014, an employee with 2000 hours of unused sick leave, will get an extra 6 months added to his/her retirement calculation. Watch for the 2014 tsunami.
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  • That's my plan
    unless Congress eliminates the annuity supplement, then I may go at the end of this year. Regardless, I'm eligible to retire in a couple of months....
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