2:44 am, May 29, 2015

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  • Retirement Backlogs
    Taxpayer Too
    I never hear about a back log dealing with Social Security and they're working with quite a few more people. My sister applied for her SS Benefits with no problems what so ever and no delays. Maybe OPM should get some ideas from SSA! The money for my retirement is taken out without a problem so why does it take so long to get it back when I retire? I really wonder why OPM is so antiquated in their processing?
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  • Late Retirement Payments
    Larry in MD
    Sure OPM has for years been unable to get the retirement payment mess straightened out. If an agency does not pay a contractor for work done within the required time frame the agency pays a penalty. If I don't pay my bills on time I frequently end up with a penalty or an interest charge. Just look at what the credit card companies do if my payment is late. The IRS is very unhappy if I am late on paying my taxes. It is time for the federal government - aka congress and OPM to be held accountable. How about a significant payment to the retiree anytime OPM is late with any payment. Interim payments are $3,000 short for 8 months - then perhaps the retiree should be compensated for the interest free involuntary loan the retiree has been forced to make to the federal government. Seems to me something like what the credit card companies charge for their worst customers should be in order. Say $100 for each late payment and a 20% interest rate on the unpaid balance. When being late cost congress and OPM money the problem will be corrected within weeks.
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  • Do you suppose it's Tourette's syndrome
    Mike, are you physically capable of saying the word "buyout" without saying "$25,000 before deductions"? You've been saying that every time for 20 years. Although you almost always add "$17-18,000 after taxes and deductions". Amazing that this piddling amount of money is effective.
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  • OPM
    I retired July 1, 2011 - still getting the interim payment. According to the person I spoke with at OPM, they don't OPM know when my CSRS "account" will be reviewed and processed. This is a very shabby way to treat people who spent over 34 years of their lives working for the federal government. The only good thing I can say is that the first interim check did arrive in a timely manner. Plus, due to federal "laws", I can no longer receive my spousal Social Security. I was hit with this "double whammy" as a lot of others have been. These "laws" need to be repealed or at least reworked so that those of us receiving interim payments can continue to receive the spousal Social Security until the full CSRS retirement payment is being paid. Medicare Part B was being taken out of my spousal benefit, but now I have to pay it quarterly - and it takes a big chunk out of what I currently receive from OPM.
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