6:15 am, May 22, 2015

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  • Congressional slackers & the Hatch Act
    Norman's Mother
    Don't you people have something better to do than diddle around with the Hatch Act? You can bet that your constituents could care less about the Hatch Act and Federal employees. This Congress is the most inept, unprofessional and lazy I've ever seen in my entire lifetime. You should be concerned with the economy, unemployment, disaster relief and foreign policy. None of you deserve the salaries we're paying you and I sincerely hope all of you get voted out in the next election.
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  • Hatch Reform
    Kenny Ray
    Can someone explanin what the Hatch Act has to do with local and state government employees?? To my knowledge there are no restrictions as to political activity on those folks. Here in the great peoples republic of maryland we have a local (county) government employee serving as the speaker of the house of delegates. There appears to be nothing in the reform act to improve anything for federal employees. It still looks like feds are not allowed to participate in partisan politics. So what reform are we talking about??
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