6:49 pm, May 22, 2015

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  • Quotas
    Clearly this is a hot button topic that has impacted most of the readers at some point or another. The federal regulations are clear and unambiguous on this topic. Section 430 of the CFR states,"(c) The method for deriving and assigning a summary level may not limit or require the use of particular summary levels ( i.e., establish a forced distribution of summary levels)..." That's why you won't see senior managers putting any of this in writing - it's patently illegal. We are all supposed to be rated against a standard and the rating is what it is. If you have a lot of above averge ratings, it should mean people get smaller awards, not that some people performing at the same level get cash and promotions and some get the jelly of the month club.
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  • Definitely Quotas and definitely discrimination
    As a frontline manager I was often made to overly justify ratings that I gave to my employees if my department or operation chief did not like the employee. I could give pages and pages of examples of why they deserved their ratings. I even had a department chief tell me to my face that I could not hire a specific race because she felt they were lazy and incompetent no matter how many degrees that they had. My operation chief in a meeting stated that she had too many managers of one particular race and wanted it rectified. Well guess what? We were all subsequently gotten rid of and now they are failing their GAO audit in all four units that the managers of a specific color were removed. I have also been told by previous managers that I did an outstanding job, exceeded all of their expectations, however because the chief did not like me I would only receive a met. When I asked to be allowed to work somewhere else she laughed and stated, "there is no way we are going to let you go because you are too valuable and always get the job done". I have been told that repeatedly. As a matter of fact, it was told to me that I would never be promoted because the powers that be were afraid that I would someday be there manager if I was ever given the chance. So don't tell me there are no quotas and I definitely know first hand about the discrimination. Payband was a death warrant to frontline managers. In my current office if you are not a pet you do not get recognized know matter how well you perform. We are losing competent frontline managers on a regular basis. They even have the good ol boy system. If you are a man with a family than you deserve the promotion because you have a family to support. If you are a woman than you should be depending on a man. Go figure! Basically I have seen it all.
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  • Absolutely exist within Commerce demonstration project
    The managers are supposed to rate people solely against what is written in their performance plan. Theoretically, everyone can get the top rating. However, the pay pool is capped, so performance ratings are "adjusted" to reflect this reality. Upshot? All but the most outstanding or connected people get rated the same as someone who acts as a potted plant. By the way, NOBODY gets rated unsatisfactory. Nobody wants to go thru the grief of getting rid of them. This is NOT a myth. It exists, and is completely related to money. The failure in our case is that managers don't spend time writing real performance plans - they just use a generic one, and everyone can beat that one.
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  • Agreed
    the Commerce and NOAA performance management programs are a nightmare for the employees. Certain people get large awards while the rest get nothing, or next to nothing. Just do away with the entire charade.
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  • Quotas
    When I was a Division Chief years ago,I had a long debate with my Director over ratings/awards.His opinion was about 60% should receive awards.Each Division Chief had an allocated awards dollar amount.My opinion was give the proper evaluation but by doing so each award amount would be much lower than if the 60% rule was used.I convinced the Director to let me do it.About 90% of the employees were ok with it but you still had 10% complaining their award amount was too low.You'll never please everybody.
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  • performance appraisal quotas
    Yes, there are quotas and yes it's because there are mandatory payouts and therefore only a percentage for folks are permitted in each pay out category. MANY of us have said 'keep the money' and learn to do "REAL" *performance appraisals* (or in some cases, actually talk to your employees. Believers in statistical "bell curves" seem to think you can have a group of high performers - if the boss is a good recruiter and a good manager, not only should everyone be rewarded, but they should mentor others to improve overall performance, rather than demoralize the group with false ratings tied to the quotas. Oh yes, and the union did negotiate for that quota system; just no one calls it that.
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